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VIP Experience

By Dr. Frankie

VIP Experience with Dr. Frankie

VIP Experience

Dr. Frankie - Relationship Coaching for Couples
Dr. Frankie - Relationship Coaching for Individuals
Say Yes to starting the process of living your life fully because you deserve it and won’t regret it, I promise!
  • Do you want lasting results?
  • Are you ready to gain a greater sense of control in your life? 
  • Are you ready to feel worthy and deserving of happiness?
  • Do you want to take your existing relationships to the next level? 
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and stuck personally or professionally, not sure what to do next? 
  • Do you want to improve your ability to communicate? 
  • Do you want to no longer struggle with an attraction to self absorbed takers who can’t give in return? 
  • Are you ready to live a more authentic and purposeful life?
THEN….I’ve got good news for you! The Dr. Frankie VIP Experience if for you!

The VIP Experience is best for those who:

-Are ready to make significant changes in their lives by taking action 
-Want to feel inspired, supported and enjoy the journey along the way

What is a VIP Experience?

Relationship Coaching

Dr. Frankie - Relationship Coaching for Couples
Relationship Coaching for Couples

It’s a 4-hour highly personalized intensive program full of skills and strategies to help you accomplish your goals with an awareness of the obstacles that may present themselves in order to overcome and avoid them becoming barriers to your future successes. Plus two follow up coaching sessions to evaluate any progress made towards making progress and accomplishing established goals. We will also address anything that has unexpectedly become a barrier that is interfering with continued success on your path. 

This program is a good fit for anyone who wants to make significant changes in their lives whether it be with their relationships romantic or non-romantic or their self esteem/self concept/self worth or their lifestyle/nutrition/quality of life or career. Yep, all of my experience and knowledge in the areas that have mattered most to me custom tailored just for you and your goals. You will benefit from nearly two decades of personal and professional experience of navigating life more successfully. 

How it works

How it works

Dr. Frankie - Relationship Coaching for Couples
Relationship Coaching for Couples
Ahead of Time:

You will do some pre-work to gain clarity on what areas in your life need your focus and attention most so that you get the greatest benefit out of your VIP Experience with me. 

VIP Experience: 

Our first meeting will be on Zoom or FaceTime (your choice) where we’ll have a relaxed conversation to connect and to create an action plan based on the work you did ahead of time and what you share during this session. 

Then, depending on your needs, we:
  • Clarify your purpose, gifts, passions, talents and deepest desires.
  • Get clear on a realistic lifestyle that matches who you are and where you’d like to be.
  • Receive practical feedback on how to achieve your goals even more successfully. 
  • Create a workable plan to accomplish your goals (whatever they may be) and sustain them. 
  • Name the objectives and break them down into small actionable pieces that are manageable.
  • Clear mindset blockages for greater outcomes and success.
  • Acquire tools and strategies that transform your mindset easily and effectively on your own. 
  • Evaluate and structure your schedule so that you have time for what’s most important to you. 
  • Design a self-care plan that is personalized, effective and supportive of you.
  • Never worry again about carving out the time to focus on YOU as together we will create and implement a schedule that puts you in a position for success. 
Following the VIP Experience:

Following our intensive 4-hour VIP session, two follow up coaching sessions will be scheduled to facilitate continued progress by helping you stay on track and identify/overcome any obstacles that have presented themselves since our first intensive session. 



The VIP Experience with Dr. Frankie is an investment of time, energy and money with the intention of creating major breakthroughs in your life.

The investment for the entire experience is $1750 or if paid in 3 installments ($1950), to be paid in full before the VIP Experience with Dr. Frankie begins. 

Are you ready? 

Find out if the VIP Experience is right for you! If after reading about the VIP Experience with Dr. Frankie you’re feeling it may be exactly what you need to achieve your goals, make an appointment now to schedule your complimentary session to see if we’re a good fit.