Client Testimonials

"Dr. Frankie was a great step in kick-starting my dating. She has been really helpful in getting clarity around what is important to me in a partner and in becoming aware of old dating patterns that may have been keeping me from the relationship I want."

— Barrett, Lobbyist

"Dr. Frankie's compassion, strength of character, and professional acumen created a holding environment that allowed me to be open about my struggle with relationships and to explore different approaches to old patterns. Thank you for your support and encouragement Dr. Frankie!"

— Amanda, Psychotherapist

"Dr. Frankie has impeccable judgement and listens well. She is genuinley interested in her clients' happiness and has offered great advice. I never take advice blindly but everything that Dr. Frankie has recommended for dating and relationships has turned out to be spot on. I wouldn't hesitate to recommending Dr. Frankie."

— Nicole, Web Designer

"Lots of folks go to Frankie for help finding The One. I actually went to her for help getting an old flame who was clearly NOT The One out of my mind. Frankie listened to my tale of woe with patience, compassion and humor, and then used a combination of talk therapy and practical suggestions to help me let go of a story I had been telling myself for years. I had tried a lot of things before, to little effect, and in just a few sessions with Frankie I made tremendous progress in clearing my emotional slate."

— Emily, Online Community Manager