Client Testimonials

"I received coaching from Dr. Frankie over the past few months and being that I'm not someone who generally asks for advice, that's saying something. I couldn't be happier with the time I received from Dr. Frankie, filled with her thoughtful insight, understanding nature, and encouraging ways. She also gave me excellent advice and tips, even when I wished she was wrong, but knew she was right. The thing about Dr. Frankie is, not only is she intelligent and qualified, she is also invested and caring and you never feel like she's watching the clock. She genuinely cares for you as a person, and if for no other reason, that's why you can trust her in such personal endeavors as coaching, matchmaking, or any of her services. I would recommend Dr. Frankie to anyone reading this as well as my closest friends. And if all of this hasn't convinced you, I met the love of my life two weeks into my coaching sessions with Dr. Frankie and we've been dating for almost 2 months now. Is Dr. Frankie directly responsible, probably not, but did she help? Definitely. And I know she can help you too."

— Alex, Songwriter

"Hey Dr. Frankie! Thank you again for our very productive sessions! You've more than exceeded my expectations for what I wanted to accomplish. I've gone from feeling uncertain and ambivalent about the role of a romantic relationship in my life, to getting clarity on what I really want, and a forward plan to get it. I'm looking forward to taking the next steps in my relationship journey, and I am very glad that you can continue to be a valued resource for me."

— Alexandra, Program Manager

"I have always been shy and dating was an anxiety-provoking nightmare for me. After a few coaching sessions with Dr. Frankie she gave me simple, focused dating tips that helped me find my boyfriend. We've been together now for over a year and I've never been happier. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Frankie Coaching services to anyone in need of a little extra guidance and support"

— Jeremy, Literary Editor

"I really enjoyed working with Dr. Frankie because she's so energetic and passionate about helping people find happiness."

— Jill, Marketing Executive

"I met Dr. Frankie in an unlikely place for me--a bar. My friend and I just happened to be looking in as we were walking in an Oakland neighborhood. Dr. Frankie came up to us and asked whether we would like to participate in speed dating. She was friendly, enthusiastic, and warm, but not pushy. While I couldn't join the speed dating event that night, I got an immediate good feeling from Dr. Frankie. After trying the online dating scene for some time and not knowing how to approach dating after the end of a long-term relationship, I contacted Dr. Frankie and began working with her as a dating coach. She is positive, upbeat, and has many practical and useful tips for meeting women. I also find her background as a psychologist a definite plus to working with her. She has very good insight, and I felt like she "got" me very quickly, and so can tailor our sessions to work with my unique needs."

— Meredith, Statistical Analyst