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To learn more about the San Francisco based dating and relationship coach, Dr. Frankie Bashan please call:

(415) 990-2929

360 Grand Ave, Ste: 235
Oakland CA 94610


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Privacy Policy: Dr. Frankie will never share your information with anyone not employed by Dr. Frankie, and your information will only be shown anonymously to potential matches. Your physical address and last name will never be provided to other clients and/or potential matters. Any personal information collected may be deleted at the user's request by contacting Dr. Frankie. You must be over age 21 to use our services.


About Dr. Frankie

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Dr. Frankie was born and raised in New York City to a large Jewish family. As the only child of a successful fashion designer and clothing store owner, she particularly enjoyed close relationships with her beloved aunties and older cousins. She understands that life cannot be lived fully without close, meaningful relationships. Dodging renegade taxicabs and panhandlers on the mean streets of New York certainly honed her survival instincts and street savvy, but Dr. Frankie is actually known for her warm, sensitive, and caring style. She receives true joy and satisfaction from helping individuals and couples develop healthy relationships, whether they’re platonic or romantic. Dr. Frankie obtained her undergraduate degree from Northeastern University and pursued her doctorate degree in clinical psychology at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA. She is a licensed clinical psychologist with over a decade of experience working with couples, individuals, with specialized training and experience in the field of trauma. After realizing she spent a great deal of time dishing out dating advice to her friends, Dr. Frankie decided to branch out into professional relationship coaching. She currently has clients as far away as Los Angeles, New York City, Singapore and Israel. 

Dr. Frankie enjoys cooking, working out, traveling and spending time with her family. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her partner, their second grade twins, Tag the Jack Russell, Lucie the mini-dachshund, and the newest addition to their family, Cookie the Leopard Gecko.

Book Dr. Frankie on Your Radio Program or Television Show

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Dr. Frankie enjoys working with the media to help men and women gain a greater understanding of how to create, navigate and maintain healthy, loving relationships. She has made numerous appearances as a radio program guest for NPR, This Show is So Gay and the Paul and Matty Show amongst others, as a relationship coach and expert. Dr. Frankie also feels it’s important to destigmatize less traditional type of relationships and debunk myths and misunderstandings that get in the way of having a successful relationship. 

Please contact Dr. Frankie Bashan directly to discuss having her as a guest on your television or radio show @ (415) 990-2929.